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Not for the squeamish…

Little piggy when she arrived yesterday:

Piggy for lunch:

As Yabu would say: Dash is the man!

15 Responses to “Not for the squeamish…”

  1. El Capitan Says:

    So what does one do with the head? It seems a bit gauche to sit and gnaw upon the snout, at least in public, and having the dogs use it for a playtoy might put some delicate souls off their feed…

  2. Yabu Says:

    Indeed he is!!!

  3. Marianne Says:


  4. Erica Says:

    Please, God, tell me there will be *other* things for me to eat in Texas, and that this is not the main delicacy.

  5. Nancy Says:

    Never fear Erica… for most Texans, bar-b-que is BEEF.

    But DANG…

    I wish I could have tried that little piggy!

  6. oddybobo Says:

    Yummy! That is always on the menu in these parts. Love me a pig roast!

  7. Chickie Says:

    I’m scared….

    and a little hungry…

  8. zonker Says:

    That looks tasty.

  9. caltechgirl Says:


  10. Tammi Says:

    One of my favorite things - a good pig roast. And that looks FANTASTIC!!!!

  11. Dash Says:

    Erica - We also had lots of other good stuff like beef brisket, chicken, venison sausage, and beef sausage. Christina and her mom also made beaucoup quantities of shrimp fried rice, fried wontons, beans, potato salad, and various desserts. So, never fear. You will not likely go hungry in Texas. The pig was good, though.

  12. shoe Says:

    it was perfect. still in a food coma over here. that peach cobbler, delish.

  13. Denny Says:

    Everything was incredible!

    Erica - Trust me. The pig was delicious. So was everything else.

  14. Erica Says:

    No, no, no, heh…youse just don’t understand, me being a Jooooo and all…I don’t eat pig (or shrimp), and I certainly would NOT eat anything, Kosher or not, that looks like that…thing. Hey, more for you, right?

    Tell you what, though…I sure wouldn’t mind going to town on some peach cobbler. Mmmm!

  15. RedNeck Says:

    … Oh I am so bitin’ my tongue.

    I’ve got some special sauce for the pig, and Yabu ships it, for free! God bless him…

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